Mountain Dialogues – now available in paperback!

We are delighted to announce that our edited volume, Mountain Dialogues from Antiquity to Modernity, is now available in paperback! We are really honoured by this, as well as by the reviews the book has received thus far (see for example Terry Gifford’s generous take in The Classical Review).

The volume contains contributions from scholars across the humanities, including Dan Hooley on the ‘mountain sublime’ of the sixteenth century naturalist Conrad Gessner, Chloe Bray on the phenomenology of mountains in fifth-century BCE Greek tragedy, and Cian Duffy on the intersection of Mount Etna, Romantic poetry, and classical myth. We are biased, but we think every chapter offers a fascinating and fresh perspective on mountain engagements through time. We very much hope this new edition finds plenty of new readers for these wonderful essays.


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